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Mission Statement
The purpose of KidneyTexas, Inc. is to provide funding to improve the methods of treatment, the search for a cure and prevention of kidney disease and other kindred or contributory diseases; and to develop more adequate provision for the care of persons suffering from such diseases.



There are 88,663 people on the national kidney transplant lists and 8,284 currently on the Texas Kidney waitlist.  This number fluctuates depending on when the statistics are pulled so safe to say 100,000 for the national figure.  As of May 2023, the CDC estimates that 35.5 million people or one in seven adults have chronic kidney disease in the US.  In 2022, there were 14,903 DECEASED  organ donors and over 42, 800 transplants nationally.   In 2022,there were 2,394 kidney transplants performed in Texas. The number of Texans on dialysis is over 50,000 and Texas is relatively in the middle for age-adjusted chronic disease death rates compared to other states.  African American and Hispanic ethnicities are the most affected by Kidney disease in the US and have the greater risk for diabetes and high blood pressure which ae the leading causes for Chronic Kidney Disease.


Prior to KidneyTexas incorporation in 1999, the organization was an auxiliary to the local National Kidney office. Since that time, KidneyTexas, Inc. supports Texas Dallas medical transplant facilities who fit our mission statement. Since 1999, the dedicated volunteers of KidneyTexas, Inc. have worked in tandem with our generous underwriters to raise over $4.7 million for local efforts to improve the ability to diagnose and manage kidney disease.

KidneyTexas, Inc. is comprised of dedicated members who hold meetings and events primarily in private homes. We sponsor a Spring and Fall tea for members, guests and prospective members, conduct five board meetings in conjunction with touring the medical transplant facilities, and each fall, hosts our signature Luncheon and Fashion Show in an effort to raise money for designated beneficiaries and awareness for a disease that affects millions of people each year. The success of this event depends heavily upon the contributions and edeication of our Dallas business and community leaders which is crucial to the success of our mission. The Dallas Medical Facilities funded over the years by KidneyTexas are:


Methodist Dallas Medical Center
Southwest Transplant Alliance
Parkland Health and Hospital System
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Children's Medical Center
Baylor Scott & White Dallas Foundation
Camp Reynal-National Kidney Foundation
Texas Health Resources Foundation


Fort Worth
Medical City
Baylor Scott & White All Saint's Medical Center
Cook Children's Medical Center


In 2022, the KidneyTexas Lucnheon and Fashion Show included appearances in these media outlets: PaperCity, Modern Luxury, MySweetCharity, People Newspapers, White Rock Lake Weekly (Scene About Town).


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Directors at Time of Incorporation

Mrs. Dan Bailey
Mrs. William Barrett
Mrs. Robert J. Bigham, Jr.
Mrs. Lawrence C. Board
Mrs. Roger Bumgarner
Mrs. Charles E. Burford
Mrs. Patty Caolo
Mrs. Jerry Carlton
Mrs. Gene Carter
Mrs. Herbert H. Cashen II
Mrs. Christopher Cole
Mrs. Mary Cotten
Mrs. Willis Cowlishaw
Mrs. Mayo Crum
Mrs. John Dale
Ms.Jennifer Derby


Mrs. Howard Derrick III
Mrs. John R. Ford
Mrs. William Gillies
Mrs. Brian Glasscock
Ms. Sue Goodnight
Mrs. Rick Gray
Mrs. Mark Hardin
Ms. Jo Ann Hayes
Mrs. R. Steven Ivy
Ms. Judy Jarmon
Mrs. Marvin Johnson
Mrs. Ramona Jones
Mrs. Carl Long III
Mrs. Robert Martin
Mrs. Jay McDonough
Mrs. Robert McGraw


Mrs. William Meenan
Mrs. Andrew Meyercord
Mrs. William Miller
Mrs. Scott Murray
Mrs. Herb Otis
Mrs. James T. Rogers
Mrs. Pete Rose
Mrs. Gregg Smith
Mrs. G. Lynn Smith
Mrs. Perry Snavely
Mrs. George TImmons
Miss Mary Carolyn Trent
Mrs. John Turner
Ms. Mary Van Eaton
Mrs. Claude R. Wilson, Jr.
Mrs. Karol Wilson
Mrs. David Winder, Jr. 

Martha Ashby
Barbara Bigham
Teeny Board*
Anita Browne
Pat Burford
Kelley Burks
Patty Caolo

Nancy Carter
Patricia Cowlishaw
Mary Donohoe
Susan S. Gekiere
Sue Goodnight*
Denise Haynsworth
Ann Jobe
Ramona Jones
Lorraine Meenan

Carole Murray
Jeanette Otis *
Pamela Snavely
Vicki Anderson Tighe
Patty Jo Turner
Mary Van Eaton
Emilynn Wilson

* deceased