President's Message

Dear KidneyTexas Members,


It is an honor to be your 2023 President and I am fortunate to have such a dedicated and supportive board.  KidneyTexas, Inc. is a noble organization whose purpose is to save lives by funding  Regional Medical facilities to improve, cure and prevent kidney disease.  I stand on the shoulders of the founders and past president’s wisdom and leadership over the past 22 years and pledge my commitment to try to walk in their shoes to continue the success of KidneyTexas!


My  theme this year is “Cultivate and Educate…cultivate our donors by showing our appreciation and keeping them invested in KidneyTexas and educate our membership and community on combating kidney disease and what Texans are up against. Did you know that Texas has the largest percentage of clients with kidney disease on dialysis and as March  2023, there are 8,269 candidates in Texas waiting for a kidney transplant?


KidneyTexas has chosen four medical beneficiaries to be funded from our 2023 fundraising primarily from our signature Luncheon/ Jan Strimple Style Show to be held September 26. 2023.  There are three additional worthwhile potential beneficiaries on contingency whose funding depends on KidneyTexas exceeding its fundraising goal. I know that you join me in saluting our esteemed Luncheon Chair, Venise Stuart, and Honorary Chair, Cindy Feld.  We are indebted to Venise for stepping up to chair with her experience and leadership skills and to Cindy Feld  for her philanthropy community leadership. This will be a banner year if we begin now to support the Luncheon with your attendance, serving on the host committee, organizing tables and underwriting.


As a pass through organization, KidneyTexas has essentially two funding streams:  Membership Dues and the Luncheon. We do so much with so little due to dedicated and talented members plus low overhead. The goal this year is to have 300 members. We can meet this goal by inviting 2-4 friends to join plus Inviting your spouse or men.  We can make a difference and have the power to change the life of a person with kidney disease through our increased funding streams!


We have a full and fun calendar for the year and look forward to seeing you at each one. Wishing you an enjoyable and fulfilling year with KIDNEYTEXAS!!


Nancy Greenbach
President 2023